Coming to the barbershop for the first time, and maybe not for the first time, the client does not always find it easy to navigate the variety of modern haircuts, techniques, and professional terminology that are full of websites and magazines with modern haircuts.

To simplify the process of choosing a haircut and communicating with a Barber.  Our creative  and communicative VIP barbers in Phoenix AZ are always  will find a way to satisfy the most demanding clients.


The fade is the most common haircut that causes the most questions. Fade, not even so much a haircut, but a haircut technique that allows you to achieve a “Smoky” transition from a longer length to a smaller one. Depending on the shape of the face, the haircut, and the desired result, VIP barbershop can cut different versions of the fade. We know more than thirty file types, but three main ones are used in everyday life. See our haircut gallery>>

Low fade

A less contrasting option, where the fade line is closer to the hair growth line. Great for elongated haircuts and men who love the classics.

High fade

In contrast to the previous one, it is distinguished by a bright contrast between a short long one at the temples and the back of the head and a long hair at the top.

Mid fade

The transition height in the middle of the fade is between the two previous ones.

Comb Over

More often we talk about this haircut as “with a parting”. It can be translated as “comb”. hair is parted in the middle and arranged to one side. They are combined with absolutely different lengths on the temporal zones. Maybe it’s a fade, maybe it’s the length on the fingers.


A haircut, the progenitor of which is none other than Elvis Presley. Long, laid back bangs. Temples can be of different lengths, but an important condition is a soft transition from the length of the top to the temporal-lateral zones.


A haircut in which all the hair of the upper zone is long and not brought together with the temporal-lateral ones, forming a bright contrast