Professional Kids Haircut in Phoenix AZ

Here at VIP Barbershop in Phoenix AZ, we offer many varieties of different haircuts styles for kids in any age.


The absolute majority of parents adhere to the tradition of the first haircut after the first birthday. Before the baby turns one year old, a haircut can be dangerous: the fontanelles have not yet healed on his head and it is easy to damage them when cutting them. One-year-old babies are cut bald by many, since it is believed that after that the hair will grow thick and strong. However, trichologists believe that it is impossible to shave the head of children: this can disrupt blood circulation and lead to irritation of the scalp. It is necessary to cut the child’s hair, since the so-called fluffy hair is replaced after a year with stronger, adult hair. Here the situation is like with teeth: to give place to the root ones, it is necessary that the milk ones fall out. So you can speed up the process of changing hair with a haircut or wait until the baby hairs fall out themselves.